Helium Recovery

Conserving helium through its recovery and reuse not only preserves a finite, valuable, natural resource, it also makes financial sense. At Motivair we are pioneering recovery systems for customers who value sustainability and a swift return on investment.


What is helium recovery?

Put simply it is the recovery of helium gas from an industrial or scientific process to a storage bag, then onward collection in cylinders.


Recovery for research and science

Lowering costs, securing supply and achieving a sustainable business model for users of liquid helium are key objectives. Motivair’s work with universities and research bodies is paying dividends in this field.


Recovery for industrial processes

Gaseous helium plays an important role in the manufacturing process, leak detection of products being a major consumer of the gas. We are actively working with customers to devise systems that will lower operational expenditure yet maximise return on investment.


Calculate your savings

If you use helium and want to consider helium recovery as a way of lowering costs, then use our HR calculator to better understand what you can save.