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The Motivair Flexible Service Plan is the market-leading service package from Motivair, the UK’s largest compressed air management company.


Providing you with the stability you need in your air supply, the Motivair Flexible Service Plan covers all compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps and ancillary equipment, and can be individually tailored to meet your specific system requirements, giving you:


A fixed price maintenance schedule based on running hours

The ability to define the level of service required

Flexible payment options

24/7 emergency on-site support, 365 days a year

A universal product warranty

Online access to real time service information


How does it work?


A Motivair Flexible Service Plan can be taken out over a period of up to 5 years, and consists of a fixed price maintenance schedule which can be enhanced to include any one of a number of optional extras.


To get started with your Motivair Flexible Service Plan, simply:


Choose from one of our three great service packages - core, premium or premiumplus

Customise your service package further from the list of additional options

Define a payment plan to meet your production and budgetary requirements.

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Motivair Flexible Service Plan

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