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Helium Recovery

Recover your gas back and reduce your helium costs

Motivair Helium Recovery Systems can help reduce your Helium costs!

Helium is used by industrial, medical and scientific organisations and its unique properties mean that it has many applications. Helium is colourless, odourless, tasteless and inert. Its boiling point is 4.2 Kelvin (-268 deg Celsius) and has rapid cooling qualities. Liquefied helium is used as a coolant in a variety of commercial applications including particle accelerators, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers and MRI scanners. Other industrial uses of helium include leak detection, arc welding, safety air bags in motor vehicles as well as being used in the manufacture of silicon wafers.

Helium is an expensive resource and is susceptible to supply chain problems, but Motivair can help save you money and guarantee supply. It is mined from gas fields found around the world, but its supply is diminishing. Helium cannot be reproduced, man made or recreated and the gas suppliers in the market are unable to guarantee volumes of supply. 

Why consider helium recovery?

Due to its rarity and high demand, helium is an expensive commodity. Prices have increased year on year and it is predicted that the price of helium will continue to increase over the next 5 years.  There are also macro environmental issues that can also affect the supply and prices.  Helium is found in mines in the United States, Qatar, Algeria, Australia, Russia, Poland, all of which bring uncertainty in an ever changing worldwide political environment. As prices continue to rise, it is essential you look to recover and capture Helium that would normally vent to atmosphere. 

To safeguard future supply of helium, users need to look to recycle gaseous helium to supplement the diminishing supplies in the market place. Motivair not only have a solution that not only helps users save money it also guarantees supply.

How Can Motivair Help?

Here at Motivair we can specify, design and install Helium Recovery Systems to recover Helium that is used in MRI and NMR scanners in hospitals, universities and research facilities. There is even a solution for low volume users of helium. Used gaseous helium is collected, stored and then using a liquefier and filtration can then be processed back into liquid, saving you significant sums of money. Alternatively, the collected gas can be exchanged by your gas supplier, which will help guarantee supply.

The Motivair Helium Recovery System comprises of high pressure compressors, storage facilities and control panels. When combined with a liquefier, the helium gas that is normally expelled into the atmosphere is captured, compressed and stored for re-use.

Motivair’s Helium Recovery System not only offers financial benefits, guaranteed supply and continued production; it also has many other benefits. Motivair supports organisations that are seeking sustainable solutions and those who want to recycle more and follow green policies. Installing a Motivair Helium Recovery System helps organisations to decrease their carbon footprint, curtail waste, reduce energy costs and improve sustainability practices.

Through a dedicated team of experts and skilled engineers, Motivair has become the UK’s leader in Helium Recovery as well as other gas transfer and recovery systems. With many customers, across many different sectors, users of Motivair's Helium Recovery Systems are saving money, ensuring supply and also fulfilling any green or sustainable policies. Motivair can provide gas recovery and gas transfer not only for Helium but for Nitrogen, Argon, Methane, Hydrogen, Heliox, Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide.

Typical payback for capital equipment costs of a Motivair helium Recovery System is within 3 to 4 years. Even after the 3rd year, savings of up to 25% per year can be seen on the cost of on liquid helium.

To see how much you can save call 0845 009 6161 or for more information.

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