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At Motivair, we don’t just service and sell compressors and compressed air equipment, we offer a full turnkey solution and can design, specify, install and maintain bespoke compressed air systems. Born from the acquisition of Central Compressor Consultants Ltd in 2015, the Special Services and Products Division provides air applications up to 500 bar, 6500 psi to a wide selection of industries from around the world.

The Special Services and Products Division at Motivair has the skills, experience, technical workshop, special tools, expertise and knowledge to take a complex problem and provide you with a cost effective solution, no matter the industry. All backed by an expert team of highly qualified engineers and consultants that have been OEM trained by Gardner Denver, Hamworthy, William & James, Bristol Pneumatic and CompAir Reavell, to name just a few. The team operate from our Innovation Centre which comprises of 1,270 sq metre of dedicated workshop facilities.

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Motivair Bespoke Compressor Builds

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