Pure Air System

For thermal imaging systems


Thermal imaging systems, with their ability to operate independently of ambient light, have brought a new dimension to modern warfare and civilian emergency services/surveillance.

Within the imager, the IR detector requires cooling down to liquid air temperature of 77K. Where this cooling is accomplished by a Joule-Thomson mini-cooler it is essential to provide a source of compressed gas normally in the form of pure air.

Motivair manufactures a comprehensive range of pure air bottle charging units to provide thermal imaging field support. These charging sets are robust, rugged, reliable and easy to maintain – meeting this exact requirement of the modern armed services.


The Motivair bottle charging set comprises a lightweight air compressor capable of 6000 psig (412 bar) pressure duty, prime mover ( normally petrol engine for field applications) purification system and bottle charging panel fitted with all necessary controls.

Most charging sets can also be fitted with an integrated pure air monitor, providing the operator with the extra security of being certain that air purity is meeting required levels.

Protective frames and enclosures complete the rugged design and most of the charging sets in this brochure have successfully completed FINABEL trials for static and dynamic environmental capability.

Air Purity

For efficient and reliable operation of the Joule-Thomson mini-cooler, it must be fed with high pressure air which has been purified to very exacting standards. Solid particulate above 5 microns or traces of other contaminants such as moisture and carbon dioxide would quickly cause a malfunction of the min-cooler rending the imager useless.

Many years of filtration development have gone into these charging sets, along with selective use of special materials which eliminate system contamination due to out-gassing.

All Motivair sets meet pure air specifications as determined by the Ministry of Defence and other military organisations.


These pure air charging sets must be assembled to very strict criteria in ‘clean-room’ conditions. Each stage of assembly is regulated by stringent inspection and ‘compatibility’ checks to ensure the final equipment meets the precise levels of air quality demanded by the IR detector cooler.

Motivair carries current AQAP-1 Ministry of Defence assessment covering all aspects of design and assembly.

Most of these charging set designs are now in extensive military use throughout the world, proving the high level of performance and reliability built into every aspect of the equipment.

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Motivair Pure Air System

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