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OWS Oil Water Separator

The Opus OWS is a unique condensate management system which uses a revolutionary new filter media design that allows it to out-perform separators of up to four times its size. In addition to supporting your organisation's compliance with the Water Resources Act 1991, the Opus OWS is made from 100% recyclable material, so it helps protect both you and the environment. Furthermore, unlike traditional systems, the entire unit is replaced during servicing, keeping the oil and other impurities sealed inside the unit and ready for disposal.

Key benefits include:

Supports compliance with the Water Resources Act
Made from recyclable material
Lightweight and compact
Cleanest possible servicing routine

The Opus OWS is a disposable condensate cleaner for compressor system capacities of up to 60cfm (1.7 m3/min or 11kW). Designed to clean condensate to better than 20ppm oil in water, making it suitable for discharge in to a normal sewer.
At the end of its design life it must be replaced to ensure its vital environmental and legally protective functions are performed correctly.

Service life of 4000 operating hours or 12 months, whichever comes first
Dimensions only 145mm x 145mm x220mm
Wall or cabinet mounted
Push-in connections for speed and ease
Disposable cap and blanking plug seal the retained oil inside

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Opus OWS Oil Water Seperator Opus OWS Oil Water Seperator Opus OWS Oil Water Seperator
  • Opus OWS Oil Water Seperator
  • Opus OWS Oil Water Seperator
  • Opus OWS Oil Water Seperator

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