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Opus Quattro Variable Speed

The Opus Variable Speed Quattro is a unique compressor package that can be tailored to fit your particular needs, all integrated into one handy unit
that is ready to go from the moment you connect it up.

Offering a high level of flexibility, the Opus Variable Speed Quattro is a modular system which can be ‘built up’ to include some or all of the following key

Air receiver

Easy to install and easy to operate, the Opus Variable Speed Quattro provides an ideal one-stop solution where space is at a premium. Our specialists will happily audit your compressed air system and help you assemble the Opus Quattro that fits the bill.

A series of packaged variable speed rotary screw compressors with installed power ranging from 7.5 to 90 kW. These Opus Variable Speed Quattro units are mounted on a horizontal receiver and available with the option of an integrated refrigerant dryer and two high efficiency filters for oil-free, dry air.

Key features include:

UK design and manufactured
UK parts and technical support 24/7
5 year warranty
Premium efficiency IE 3 motor listed on the Energy Technology Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
Pressure variants up to 15 bar
Energy efficient variable speed inverters listed on the Energy Technology Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
High performance encapsulated airends requiring no PSSR inspections up to 45 kW
Solid or stainless steel convoluted internal oil and air pipework
Optimum user friendly control

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Opus Quattro Variable Speed

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