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A typical compressed air system will have air losses through pipeline connections, leaking float type drains etc. At the end of the final daily working shift the Air-Saver® will shut off the air tank from the rest of the system. The content of compressed air within the air tank will be saved rather than lost through pipe line leakages.

The Air-Saver® is installed on the air outlet of the air tank. The Air-Saver® can be programmed to automatically OPEN just prior the working shift begins and CLOSE just after the working shift is over.


1” pipe size connections – 16 bar maximum pressure.
Slow valve opening to avoid water hammer in pipe line system.
Time programmed or remote controlled.
Manual valve opening and closing possible, in case of a power failure.
Fully automatic – maintenance free.
Easy to obtain air in case of overtime work.
Integral lithium battery protecting the program.
Micro-Processor controlled (multi cycle 7 day program).
Large LCD display showing program cycle and current time.
Compact design – easy to install.
User friendly control panel – simple to program.
Remote switching kit available.


No unnecessarily start up of compressors during periods when compressed air is not required.
At least one air receiver’s worth of compressed air savings per day.
Possibility to shut off parts of the pipeline system where compressed air is not needed continuously.
Each individual day can be programmed according to specific working day shift requirements.

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Compressor Air Saver G1

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