Condensate Management Systems

Controlling and removing air compressor condensate

When you run a compressed air system that uses oil lubricated air compressors it generates condensate, which is a combination of water, oil and dangerous particulates that are not visible to the naked eye.

If condensate is not removed from your compressed air system, it can damage your equipment and can cause many issues such as operational problems, machine inefficiencies, system breakdown and production downtime. You, therefore, need to remove condensate from your compressed air system, but it will have to be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

Air compressor condensate is a waste product and as such there are regulations to follow for its disposal.  Installation of a condensate Management System will enable compliance with the hazardous waste regulations 2005 and the Water Resources Act 1991, which requires condensate from an air compressor must be cleaned and discharged down a foul drain. Failure to do so can render you liable for fines of £20,000 or more in a Crown Court. (BCAS Fact Sheet 302-1 Hazardous waste and compressed air condensate.) You should not allow condensate to discharge directly on the ground.

Our Solution 

Motivair have several compressed air condensate management systems that kept your air compressor in top condition, comply with regulations and also kind to the environment. If you are not sure what you need, don't worry Motivair are here to help.  There are many options available starting with the range of Opus Condensate Drains that can be set to automatically collect and dispose of any compressed air condensate through to the very effective Opus OWS Oil Water Separator, which you may think looks small, but it is a really effective solution that performs some of the leading solutions on the market today.

Whatever compressed air system you have and whatever condensate management you require, these solutions are quick to install. Motivair are always on hand to specify, supply and install these to your compressed air system.

Just call 0845 009 6161 today to speak to a member of our team and find out more about the various Condensate Management Systems that are available.


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Motivair Condensate Management Systems

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