At Motivair we are independent. This means you have complete choice and confidence in having the right product to suit your requirements. We can supply and install any size of compressor from a small low pressure oil free unit to large scale bespoke high pressure installation.

We can supply

Piston Compressors
Screw Compressors
Vane Compressors
Scroll Compressors
Breathing Air Compressors
Crystal Air Compressors
Oil less Compressors
Oil Free Compressors

We can also supply the following

Fixed Speed Drive
Variable Speed drive
Belt Driven
Direct Driven
Low pressure compressors
High Pressure Compressors
Diesel, Petrol, Single Phase, Three phase equipment
Bespoke installations and applications

We can supply you with any make, brand or model of compressor including the Opus Range.

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Motivair Compressors

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