Compressed Air Leakage Detection

Finding and fixing compressed air leaks

Did you know you could be wasting money without knowing it?

The production of compressed air is expense and therefore is a resource that needs to be managed. A typical compressed air system no matter what size of compressor is used, will have air losses through pipeline connections, regulators, gauges, valves, couplings float type drains etc. These leaks can be expensive.

Compressed air is often the most expensive energy source you will use on your production site. You may be surprised to find out that of the total energy supplied to a compressor, as little as 8% to 10% may be converted into useful energy. The average leak rate on UK sites is estimated between 20% and 50%, which represents a huge cost to business, as well as producing unnecessary carbon emissions.

Not only do air leaks in a compressor system waste money, they can also increase compressor on load running time. Compressed air leaks can also result in a drop in operating pressure, meaning air tools not working correctly or air machinery becoming unreliable and even shorten the running life of production equipment you are most reliant on.

Motivair can provide compressed air leak surveys to help you identify leaks and provide a solution to repair the system and make sure the system runs as it should. Our team of Leak Detection experts use ultrasonic hand held compressed air leak detection equipment and the latest technology to survey your compressed air system, highlight where air is lost and provide recommendations on how to reduce or completely stop the expensive leakages. The equipment used and the techniques employed can highlight all leaks, even ones in hard to reach places or pipework that is situated high up in the your production area.

The air leakage surveys are carried out while your plant and equipment is running normally so there are no downtime to your production, you can carry on interrupted. There is no need to isolate, touch or interfere with any plant and equipment and we can usually survey large plant areas within a single day. The advanced ultrasonic leak detection equipment filters out any backgound noises and pinpoints where the leaks are.

Motivair can also report on how much energy and costs you are wasting by running a compressed air system with leaks compared to a repaired system.  No matter what industry serve, no matter what compressed air system you have, Motivair can help and we may be able to save you money. A typical air leakage survey could indentify potential savings of over 25% in energy use.

Just call 0845 009 6161 now to book in a compressed air leak detection survey.

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