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The Opus Crystal is a range of pollutant free compressors - for pure, clear, oil free air.

Opus Crystal is a revolutionary new compressor which uses innovative catalytic technology to deliver crystal clear air - simply, efficiently and economically – providing a perfect solution for industries where pollutant-free air is essential such as, Food and Beverage, Paint and Powder Spray Painting, Pharmaceutical, Instrumentation and Aerospace.

Opus Crystal removes most pollutants found in intake air. This will include hydrocarbons, some bacteria and converts silicones to silicate.

Benefits include:

  • Dirty air in, clean air out
  • Delivers the cleanest air available
  • Condensate can be disposed of down a normal drain*
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance
  • Actively reduces fungi, bacteria, viruses and silicone

*Subject to local water company approvals

A series of packaged energy efficient VariPower and VariSpeed rotary screw compressors with installed power ranging from 11 to 30 kW. All Opus Crystal units incorporate an integrally engineered vessel. Heated to +200 °C the catalytic conversion process breaks all hydrocarbons into harmless water and carbon dioxide. Further contaminants are neutralised within this process delivering clean, oil free air.

Key features include:

  • IE3 Motors with Variable or Fixed MEC
  • speed drive options
  • Full access panel doors
  • Integral condensate separator
  • High efficiency particulate filter
  • World proven encapsulated air end system
  • Very low operating noise
  • Electronic, HMI, colour, fascia mounted controller
  • VariPower and VariSpeed provide optimised use of energy inputs
  • TÜV tested providing air quality (oil) Class 0 (ISO8573.1:2010)

As an evolution to the traditional ‘oil-free’ systems currently available in the UK, Opus Crystal ensures clean air is delivered by dealing with the air at the point of intake.

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Crystal Pure Oil Free Air Compressor

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