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High Pressure

No two compressed air systems are the same but some are more critical or niche than others. They often call for specific knowledge, have their own unique challenges  and require specialised components. That’s where Motivair can help. We design, specify, build, repair and maintain all types of high pressure air compressor system, right up to 500 bar / 6500 psi. Our high pressure experts are on hand to offer guidance and advice on the following:

  • Industrial high pressure air compressors
  • High pressure gas recovery including Helium, Nitrogen, Argon, Methane, Hydrogen, Heliox, Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide.
  • Breathing air compressors for diving, fire and rescue, defence, spray booths
  • Seismic compressors for installation on survey vessels
  • Pure air systems for thermal imaging
  • High pressure PET Compressors for bottle blowing and moulding

Big is not necessarily beautiful.

Optimising the size of your compressors can boost reliability and reduce costs.


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Considering a new compressed air system? Or beefing up your current set-up with a new compressor? These are big decisions which require expert advice, technical know-how and a plan to make it all happen. That’s where we come in.