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Our own brand, Opus, offers clients a cost-effective alternative to the big industry brands. Opus comprises a range of compressors for every application, large or small, from vane and piston variants to our popular screw compressors that include both fixed and variable speed models in different sizes of kW.

Designed and manufactured to our own specifications Opus screw compressors offer class leading performance and a competitive cost of ownership. Every component from the high-quality rotary screw air end to the advanced ETIV controller is chosen to maximise output, increase reliability and reduce running costs.

Compact, quiet and efficient, Opus compressors can be installed close to the application cutting installation time and saving money.

And because Opus is our own brand, we are more than happy to underwrite it with a long warranty. Our air ends, inlets and controllers are covered by a 2-year guarantee, so you have peace of mind that the equipment will not let you down.

Big is not necessarily beautiful.

Optimising the size of your compressors can boost reliability and reduce costs.


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Considering a new compressed air system? Or beefing up your current set-up with a new compressor? These are big decisions which require expert advice, technical know-how and a plan to make it all happen. That’s where we come in.