Motivair Warranty

With the Motivair Warranty you can rest assured that if your equipment fails, we will get your system running again and you will not be left a huge bill to pay.

Cover against potentially expensive breakdowns and repair bills
Warranty for the system not just compressors
Covers compressors, blowers, dryers, filters and condensate equipment
All brands, makes and models of equipment
Cover for older equipment, up to and often over 10 years old

You can get cover for compressed air equipment at any time. So if your manufacturer warranty is coming to an end or you want to cover older pieces of equipment you can with a Motivair warranty.

There are two levels of cover available, Motivair Universal Warranty  Motivair Classic Warranty

Motivair Warranty

Motivair Universal Warranty

  • This is our best cover available
  • No cost for parts and labour
  • Cover provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Excludes inverters after 5 years

Motivair Classic Warranty

  • No cost for parts
  • Labour covered 8-5 Monday to Friday
  • Outside of these hours labour is chargeable
  • Excludes,inverters after 5 years, starter components, contactors, solenoid valves, oil pipes, adjustments of timers and adjustments of pressure switches

This is just a summary of the Motivair Warranties. Terms and Conditions apply, please contact us for further information on 0845 009 6161

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