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Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

Simple tips for air compressor maintenance

When you rely on your air compressors, you need to make sure that when you need them most, they do not break or let you down. By setting up a regular air compressor maintenance program, can help ensure your compressed air system is up and running trouble free. 

Some of the simple tasks you can do to make sure your air compressor is maintained correctly include

  1. Conduct regular checks and make note of any unusual vibrations and sounds, loss of oil or oil spills
  2. Make sure any intake filters are clean or are not blocked
  3. Check the tension on belts, do they look frayed or worn out
  4. Check that hoses are in good order and not split
  5. Replace consumable items such as oil, oil filters by following the correct air compressor maintenance regimes every 2000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 hrs
  6. Make sure nuts and bolts have not been loosened
  7. Check the safety relief valve
  8. Even if you are not using your air compressor a lot, still make sure it is checked and consumable parts are inspected and replaced where necessary
  9. Ensure that your air compressors are working in ideal environments, i.e. not too cold, not too hot, not to humid or damp
  10. Check that the compressor will not freeze overnight during winter.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you need any assistance don't forget you can call Motivair on 0845 009 6161, where a local engineer is only a phone call away.

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