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Compressed air filters, sometimes known as in line filters look relativity small, but they actually perform a very important task in a compressed air system. Compressed air filters can be seen as the first line of defence in removing unwanted particles and contaminates such as oil, dust and other harmful substances from compressed air.

A dirty compressed air filter element can reduce your air compressors efficiency, cause pressure drops and impact on your energy costs! Compressed air filters make sure the produced air is free from particulates, oil residue, rust from pipework and dust. Without compressed air filters, dirt and dust can build up throughout the compressed air system affecting valves and motors which could lead to a breakdown.

Replacing an element in a compressed air system is a relatively easy operation and should form part of your regular maintenance program. It is recommended to replace a compressed air filter element every 4000hr to 8000hrs or at least once a year. A filter may look clean and unused, but left unchanged over 12 months it will become ineffective.

Compressed air filter types:

Particulate filters - Particulate compressed air filters remove dust, liquid, oil and other particles.

Coalescing filters - Coalescing compressed air filters remove moisture droplets, oil, dust and dirt particles.

Cold coalescing filters - Cold coalescing filters removes moisture when operating around 35 °F (2 °C)

Activated carbon filters - Activated carbon compressed air filters remove odours and hydrocarbons from the air. This type of filter is often used in food preparation or breathing air applications.

Our top tips for compressed air filter use are:

  1. Replace between 4000hr to 8000hrs or at least once a year
  2. Filters remove oil, dust and any other particulates from the delivered compressed air
  3. Dirty air can cause problems with air tools and downstream equipment
  4. Used filters can cause pressure drops and increased demand on your compressor

Whether you need an OEM branded filter, an aftermarket alternative or a breathing air filter, Motivair can help! We supply high quality filters and replacement elements to suit any compressed air system. 

Speak to a member of our team today on 0845 009 6161

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