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Making sure you use the correct oil in your air compressor is very important to ensure smooth running and long life of your compressed air equipment.

You cannot run air compressors with any type of oil. It needs to be a specific compressor oil that has been designed and formulated for the type of air compressor you have and of course the application you are using the compressed air for. If you use the wrong type of oil or lubricant in your air compressor, the risk of breakdown and mechanical failure increases. The wrong type of compressor oil can mean that the machine runs too hot, there is insufficient lubrication, seals stop working, carbonisation forms, bearings seize, oil foams and there is a risk of increased oil viscosity.  All of these can cause increased oil use, internal component failure, filter failure, decreased running efficiency,  oil carry over (compressed air contamination with oil or other particulates) and eventual air compressor breakdown.Air compressors are complex pieces of equipment, so you need to make sure you have the right air compressor oil to ensure smooth running and low risk of breakdowns.

The Motivair range of compressor oils have been specially formulated to suit a wide selection of air compressors including piston, vane and rotary screw compressors. Using our expertise, knowledge and experience we have worked with the world leading oil companies to develop a range of air compressor oils to your type of air compressor. 

Motivair oil is formulated to the highest standards and is also available in food grade variants.  These high performing air compressor oils are available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre bottles. Each of the Motivair air compressor oils has been designed to make sure your compressed air equipment runs at its best performance and they have the following benefits.

  • Suitable for all brands, types and ages of compressor including piston, vane and screw compressors
  • 2000hr, 4000hr and food grade oil variants
  • 1ltr, 5ltr and 20ltr sizes 
  • Cooling properties to reduce heat generated in the compression process
  • Seals and aids in efficient compression
  • Ensures internal friction is minimised and optimised bearing life
  • Anti-wear additives that reduce mechanical abrasions
  • Low foaming properties at load reversal
  • Anti-corrosion additives that inhibit corrosion during idle periods
  • Compatible with all compressor internal materials and downstream tools
  • Optimised separation characteristics

It is important to make sure you change your air compressor oil in accordance with the manufacturers' service requirements.

We can also supply all types of compressor oil including OEM brands and other alternative brands of compressor oil, speak to a member of our team today on 0845 009 6161

The Motivair range of air compressor oil has been specifically formulated to make sure your air compressor works at optium levels. The oil has many functions when used in an air compressor.


The Motivair air compressor oil is an ash-less system free of metal based additives, it has optimised separation characteristics in all types of separator systems. 

Environmental Condensate

Environmental condendate is a by-product of oil injected air  compression. It is an emulsion of oil and water. Legislation demands that condensate emulsion must be separated prior to disposal. Motivair air compressor oil  is engineered to separate quickly and easily and therefore works in harmony with the industry standard oil/water separator.

Compression Sealing

Oil in air compressors helps to esnure seals work and aid efficient compression. The Motivair air compressir oil is an ISO viscosity refined base oilformulated to optimise this vital process.


The heat generated in the compression process along with frictional force should be dissipated. The Motivair air compressor oil has been desigend to withstand extremes of temperature dissipating the heat via the cooler whilst continuing to perform to its design specification throughout its service life.


The specially formuated Motivair air compressor oil ensures that internal friction is minimised thus optimising the life of the axial and radial bearings and has superior anti-wear additives that dramatically reduce mechanical abrasion even under the most arduous operational conditions.

Compatibility Assured

Motivair air compressor oil is engineered to BS, DIN and ISO standards. The air compressor oil compatible with all the air compressors internal materials downstream tools lubricants and polycarbonate bowls.

Health & Safety

Motivair air compressor oil should be handled according to standards of industrial hygiene. Safety Data Sheets are available on request.

Low Foam

The foam effect is a factor in all compressors at load reversal. Motivair air compressor oil minimises this effect in two ways, mechanically through separation and also its outstanding low foam properties.


Motivair’s air compressor oil has anti-corrosion additives inhibit internal corrosion that could appear on internal surfaces during idle periods.

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Air Compressor Oil

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