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The compressed air conundrum

The compressed air conundrum

Users of compressed air all around the world are increasingly under pressure to dramatically reduce the site costs attribute to the generation of compressed air.

This can mean reduction of direct costs, such as the cost of energy usage and equipment repair, as well as those indirect costs associated with compressed air usage, such as contribution to carbon emissions. The power used for compressing air in many cases can account annually for 30% of the total site generated electricity, and it is acknowledged across the EU that as much as 40% of compressed air is generated for non productive uses.

The conundrum that many users face is how to design and maintain a compressed air system that addresses this need for reduced costs.

Solving the conundrum

Motivair believes that the percentage of site electricity attributable to compressed air can be reduced to less than 10.0% through maximising the opportunities that exist within the different elements of the conundrum:

Point of use

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