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Compressed air filtration - Our top 5 tips

How clean is your compressed air?

At Motivair, we understand that a reliable compressed air supply is essential for our customers, but how clean is your compressed air?

Compressed air can become polluted at various points throughout a compressed air system, therefore it is essential that compressed air filters (in line filters) are in place to protect your equipment and compressed air supply and also prevent breakdowns.

Compressed air filtration can be seen as the first line of defence in removing unwanted particles and contaminants including oil, dust, water, and rust in the produced compressed air.

What you need to know about compressed air filters

  1. Filters remove oil, dust and any other particulates from the delivered compressed air
  2. They should be replaced between 4000hr to 8000hrs or at least once a year
  3. Dirty air can cause problems with air tools and downstream equipment
  4. Used filters can cause pressure drops and increased demand on your compressor
  5. All of the above add to energy use and increase costs

Read more about the types of compressed air filters here.

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