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Motivair Compressors Ltd

Motivair, the compressor experts

With over 60 years’ compressed air experience, Motivair are the compressor experts. No matter what your compressed air need is, Motivair are here to help.

Any compressor brand, any age, any place

We are independent, not tied to any brand or manufacturer and can provide you with a full turnkey solution for any compressed air need. No matter what brand, make or model of compressed air equipment you want, Motivair is the answer! Through our national footprint of directly employed compressor engineers, no matter where you are in the UK, a highly skilled OEM trained Motivair Compressor Engineer is only a phone call away. 

24 hrs a day, 365 days a year

Our network of service engineers are located strategically around the UK and operate around the clock, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. This means that Motivair are always at hand when you need help the most. We understand the importance of compressed air to your organisation and access to our engineering teams ensures that you do not lose production and any downtimes are kept to a minimum. Motivair have 5 office locations around the UK which includes workshop facilities, administration and job deployment functions.

More than just compressors

We don’t just sell compressors, we have a deep product and skill set. Motivair maintain, repair and install all brands and models of high pressure and low pressure compressor, blower, vacuum pump, compressed air equipment and systems - regardless of size or age or manufacturer. We manage over 19,000 pieces of equipment for our customers and make an average of 25,000 site visits a year. We also provide other products and services to help you stay safe, reduce costs, save energy and become more sustainable, the list goes on.

Turnkey provider

Our turnkey skill sets means that we can provide you with a complete life cycle approach to your compressors and compressed air systems. So no matter what you need or what system you have in place just call Motivair. We are able to provide you with everything from compressed air system design, specification and installation, through to maintenance, service, repair, breakdown support and spare parts. Unlike other companies we are able to operate with high, medium and low pressure equipment and systems, covering systems from 1kw to 377kw and 2bar to 500 bar.

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Motivair Compressor Who We Are Motivair Compressors any brand any age any place Motivair Compressors Any Brand
  • Motivair Compressor Who We Are
  • Motivair Compressors any brand any age any place
  • Motivair Compressors Any Brand

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