At Motivair, Marketing is seen as a valuable resource which allows us to identify the needs and wants of our customers and develop products and services which meet those requirements efficiently and effectively.

Liaising with other departments, the Marketing team is engaged in various activities covering the full marketing mix, including:

Defining Motivair Group marketing strategy
Developing new products and services
Setting and controlling prices
Managing promotional activities
Developing web and e-commerce facilities
Managing the company CRM programme
Providing research and analytics

Type of person required

As a 'full mix' department the marketing team at Motivair is required to be both creative as well as analytical, helping to deliver the company strategy through tried and tested marketing techniques as well as through innovation.

Key skills include:

Ability to work effectively with other departments
Strong communication skills
Good levels of IT proficiency
Ability to develop a good understanding of the industry

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Motivair Marketing

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