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Helium is an expensive resource, but Motivair can help save you money.  Due to its rarity and continued rising price, it is essential you look to recover and capture Helium that would normally vent to atmosphere. Helium is used as a coolant in a variety of commercial applications including partical accelorators and MRI scanners. 

Here at Motivair we can specify, design and install Helium Recovery Systems to recover Helium, even for low volume users. The recovered gas using a liquifier can then be processed back into liquid, saving you significant sums of money.

The Motivair helium recovery system comprises of high pressure compressors, storage facilities and control panels. When combined with a liquifier, the helium gas that is normally expelled into the atmosphere is captured, compressed and stored for re-use.

Motivair is the UK’s leader in Helium recovery as well as other gas transfer and recovery systems. Backed by a team of specialist engineers, Motivair can provide gas recovery and gas transfer not only for Helium but for Nitrogen, Argon, Methane, Hydrogen, Heliox, Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide.

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Motivair Helium Recovery System Motivair Heluim Gas Bag
  • Motivair Helium Recovery System
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