Motivair operates a professional procurement team who manage all aspects of the company’s purchasing function, with particular emphasis on the purchase of parts in a cost effective, 'just in time' way.

Operating on behalf of all other departments throughout the business, the Purchasing team is engaged in various procurement activities, including:

Managing the purchase of company products and services
Progressing purchases with suppliers
Liaising with the logistics department
Ensuring that purchasing processes are in accordance with the Quality Manual

Type of person required

From assisting in negotiation to progressing orders with suppliers, members of the purchasing team are are significant link in the supply chain, ensuring that company products and services can be delivered within promised timescales.

Key skills include:

Ability to work effectively with other departments
Ability to work effectively with suppliers
Strong communication skills
Good levels of IT proficiency
Ability to develop a good understanding of the industry

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Motivair Purchasing

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